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MP4 video has several coding, including DIVX, VIXD, H.264, you need to know what coding your mp4 supports, there are a lot of people say that MP4 does not work, because the code is wrong, for example, ipad only supports H.264 MP4, encoding format can be set in software.

You need to use the video converter software to convert file to mp4 format, popularity of mobile terminals like smart phone or Pad etc, As mobile phones, MP4, iPod, iPhone, PSP, iPad and other mobile terminals are compatible with the video format has very strict requirements, otherwise the play is not smooth, affecting the viewing effect. While the The MP4 format is the most versatile format on a variety of mobile terminals, to watch movie video on a mobile terminal, you'll first get MP4 that is fully compatible, So, how to convert file to mp4? In view of this situation, professional video conversion software can be converted file to mp4. Use MP4 Converter software to complete, the current conversion speed, the most compatible with a variety of mobile terminal video conversion software, support the video into mobile, MP4, iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP and other mobile devices to support the AVI / MPEG4, MP4, 3PG, FLV, SWF, RM / RMVB and other video formats, support DVD disc video, subtitles, tracks, angles, etc. into aVI, MP4, 3GP and other mobile hardware formats and Video website format.

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How to Convert Vide Files to MP4 Format?


Step 1: TAdd the video file to be converted.

MP4 Converter software support a variety of ways to add video, Add a video file, add multiple video files, add all the video files in the directory, Whether it is a number of documents or a single file, a variety of different circumstances can be a key to quickly add.

Step 2: Select the exported MP4 format according to the mobile device.

Add the video file to be converted, choose the MP4 format that matches your own hardware, the exported MP4 can be fluent in a variety of hardware compatible playback, put an end to the hardware is not compatible with some of the smooth playback problems, Not only that, through the MP4 Converter will be converted to MP4 video, parameter settings are also very simple and flexible.

Step 3: convert file to mp4 parameter settings.

Choose a good format, the software parameter settings are very flexible, resolution, bit rate, frame rate can be set flexibly, in addition, MP4 Converter can also be the volume gain, the original file sound is too large or too small, through the volume gain can be adjusted to their own satisfaction volume. Add subtitles, select the track, are now popular features, we can see the software function is very comprehensive and practical. Set the parameters, click to start conversion, you can start at full speed video into MP4.


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