How to Play MKV Files on Mac?

QuickTime is pretty simple for Mac OS X, but support a few video file formats, such as MKV, rmvb, AVI, FlV video files can`t still be played in QuickTime. Many people are asking how to play MKV files on mac? Now, you can free download MKV video converter, convert MKV video files for mac.

Many friends play HD MKV format movies without sound by Apple devices, it`s a very tangled thing. MKV file is the best audio codec to use AC3, AC3-Audio Files are not identified with apple media players. How to play MKV files on mac?

MKV has many advantages compared with AVI, MP4 and ASF video formats, but most media players do not support MKV video formats, luckily you can convert MKV files to play MKV files on mac.

MKV Files on Mac

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MKV Video Converter Mac is the best video converter for Mac OS X, perfect support up to 1080P and 4K HD quality and DTS5.1 audio.Supports almost all multimedia formats such as video, audio, and images.

Why Download MKV Video Converter Mac? for playing audio and video media without requiring plug-ins;

2.Support multi-track, up to 16 or more;

3.supports muxed SSA / ASS subtitle streams, up to 16 or more;

4.Support paragraph selection;

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