What free software can I use to convert mkv to avi mac?

I want to convert all my mkv files to avi so I can burn them to DVD. I tried mkv Converter, but you have to buy. Does anyone know of any free software that will convert 100% of the video and audio, and keep the subtitles on without having to register or buy? Thank you.

- Kyle W

Does anyone know where I can download a freeware MKV to AVI Mac converter?
I tried using MKV to AVI converter for the Mkv files but it didn't work. Does anyone know any other freeware programs that can convert Mkv to Avi ? If so can you please give me the url address.

- Zero

What site can I find a good full and free mkv to avi file converter?
I've been looking for a good full and free mkv to avi converter that will not ask me to pay for a product I should be able to get for free elsewhere.
Is there anybody out there that can help me??

- TeeJ.

Now, MKV to AVI Mac can help them. Especially convert MKV for Mac users. MKV to AVI Mac Converter is your ultimate solution for a free program to convert MKV to AVI on Mac. With this free professional Mac MKV to AVI converter, you can put the output files in your ipad or upload them to YouTube to watch. Additionally you also can convert MKV to Mp4 on MAC.

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Why choose to convert MKV to AVI on Mac ?

MKV now has become popular because it supports multiple audio and subtitle tracks in the same container, but the MKV is not accepted by digital player: Xbox 360, PSP, Zune player, MP4 player, so you need to convert MKV files to AVI or other video formats supported by the player on Mac.

AVI is a file format that combines voice and video synchronization, it is still very wide range of applications, the video and audio can be intertwined with synchronized playback. The advantage of this video format can be used across multiple platforms.

AVI is mainstream video files. The files in this format can be seen everywhere, such as the titles of some games, educational software, multimedia CD-ROMs have a lot of AVI formats .It is the most direct advantage is compatible, Simple operation and good image quality.

AVI file format used for audio and video capture, editing, and playback applications. Usually, an AⅥ file may contain a plurality of different types of media stream (a typical case, an audio stream and a video stream),.AⅥ is regarded as the basic Windows operating system, is the most common kind of media file formats.

mkv to avi mac